Congratuations! You Can Read Swedish | Stockholm | The Travel Medley

Congratuations! You Can Read Swedish

Congratulations! You can read Swedish. Well… you can read the important things anyway. For starters, the Swedes make it easy for you to find a telephone. And to recognize a restaurant. They will also let you know which things...

Shelves of towels and a bench in the changing area.

Naked Bonding Through a Sauna Song

In Finland, you’re not really friends with someone until you’ve seen them naked. Which, contrary to what you might be thinking, isn’t weird. Because, in fact, you see all sorts of people naked. Your family, your business associates, your...

Meet the Family | Stockholm, Oslo | The Travel Medley

Yoo Hoo, Hi Family!

Before we left on our trip, we extended an open invitation to anyone and everyone, encouraging people to join up with us during our travels. (That offer still stands, by the way.) And Michael’s family took us up on...

A Swedish Laundry Puzzle | Stockholm | The Travel Medley

A Swedish Laundry Puzzle

Laundry, a seemingly trivial chore, has now become a weekly puzzle. It usually starts with a lot of questions. Is the sink in our Airbnb/hostel big enough to soak our clothes? Or… is there an actual washing machine we...