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Mostar Art | Bosnia and Herzegovina | The Travel Medley

Mostar? Most Art.

I know the last post was a bit of a bummer. (But TBH, #sorrynotsorry – I didn’t want to gloss over such an important part of Mostar.) The city is definitely still healing. And one major way that...

Bosnia and Herzegovina | The Travel Medley

Bosnia and Who’s-a-Govina?

Bosnia and Herzegovina was a wonderful surprise. It’s beautiful, rugged, challenging, and charming. In short, I absolutely loved it. But since it’s pretty off the beaten tourist path, and most people have only seen worn-torn images from 20+...

Ponte Vecchio | Florence | The Travel Medley

Interesting Tidbits: Florence

Okay, my blogging of Florence is coming to an end, but here are some extra bits and pieces. I know I already wrote about Michelangelo’s David (and how absolutely #flawless he is), but there’s also a fake replica David!...