Sweet Cakes and More | Split, Croatia | The Travel Medley

Sweet Talk (Plus Chalk!)

Hey y’all! I’ll try to keep this post short and…   But Sweet is the name of an *adorable* bakery in Split, Croatia. And one day, as I was walking down the sidewalk, I happened to notice it. (Okay,...

Picigin | Split, Croatia | The Travel Medley

My Quest To Spread Picigin to the Masses

Dearest readers, Ever since learning about picigin, I’ve felt it’s my duty – NAY, my quest, to tell the world about it.     Please mentally prepare.     Picigin is a Croatian beach sport. And it’s basically the secret love child between handball and hacky...

Split Music | Croatia | The Travel Medley

Split Music Jamz

I love ALL KINDS of live music. From elegant orchestras, to gritty street sounds, there’s something about being ~right there~ in the moment. My theory (which is at least partially based on #science) is that live music hijacks my brain. I stop thinking...