Gol Stave Church of Norway | Oslo | The Travel Medley

Boat or Church? Boat Church?

Y’all, this is a church.     This was particularly surprising to us, because we went to a LOT of churches in Europe.     While they were totally gorgeous, they all started to look alike. Columns, pillars, frescos, chandeliers,...

How to Grill Party in Norway | Oslo | The Travel Medley

Ain’t No Party Like a Norwegian Grill Party

If you go to Norway during the summer, you will see advertisements like this everywhere. The ads will look fun and exciting, so you will definitely want to Grill Party. Plus, eating out in Norway (and Scandinavia in general) is...

Indie Cities Wanderlust Playlist | Travel Musings | The Travel Medley

Indie Cities Wanderlust Travel Playlist

Go right ahead. Grab your headphones and your Rick Steves books and relinquish the little control you still have over your brain cells. Let your eyes glaze over and start planning your next trip (real or imagined) to the sound of these...