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Guyana Trivia Quiz | Guyana | The Travel Medley

Going to Live in Guyana! Byeeee

HEY! HEY YOU GUYS. I CAN OFFICIALLY SHARE NEWS ABOUT MY NEXT TRIP!!! And you might want to sit down. Because this is kind of major. I’ve been doing happy dances in my living room pretty much every...

What's in Bri's Bag? | Longterm Travel in a 30L Carry On Bag | The Travel Medley

What’s in Bri’s Bag?

I get ridiculously excited about travel. When I’m not on a trip, I’m making maps into wall décor, or thumbing through travel books, or curating my own wanderlust-inspired playlist. Then of course, when I actually book a trip,...

What to Pack for Longterm Backpacking Around Europe

What’s in Michael’s Bag?

Hi! This is Michael. [What?! Who is this mysterious Michael person that’s hacked into the blog and written a post?!?!] For the past 9 months, I’ve been living out of a small backpack. And I’ve loved it. In...