Guyana Trivia Quiz | Guyana | The Travel Medley

Guyana Trivia Quiz!

Most people have never heard of Guyana. It’s a teeny little country along the northeast coast of South America, and it’s also where Michael & I have been living for over a month now.     I’ve been...

IKEA Påskbord Smörgåsbord | USA | The Travel Medley

Driving and Feasting: IKEA Style

Remember the time Michael & I went boating and feasting: Viking style?! (Aka, the time we ate a traditional Swedish smörgåsbord on our overnight boat to Stockholm?) OMG Y’ALL. I still have dreams about that night.     It was AMAZING. The...

How To Do Food In Italy For All The YASSS | The Travel Medley

How To Do Food in Italy For All the YASSS

BREAKFAST Italian breakfasts are nothing fancy, but they’re everything amazing. Italian caffes (also called bars or caffetterias) have prices that are regulated by the government. If you eat/drink standing up at the counter instead of sitting at a...