Copenhagen | Denmark | The Travel Medley

Jumping For Joy (Literally)

In a yearly study of 156 countries, Denmark is consistently ranked the happiest country in the world.     It’s a place where health care and education are both considered basic human rights, gender equality is prioritized, and there...

Thorvaldsens Museum | Copenhagen, Denmark | The Travel Medley

Why You Should Always Go To Free Museums

The aptly named Thorvaldsen’s Museum in Copenhagen is dedicated to the Danish sculptor, Bertel Thorvaldsen. And this museum is free on Wednesdays. Since I love all forms of art (and I also love free things), we decided to...

Tivoli Gardens | Copenhagen, Denmark | The Travel Medley

Tivoli – The Place To Be!

This post is both informative and rhyming! (Because why not both?!) It’s all about Tivoli Gardens, an epic amusement park in downtown Copenhagen.   Want fun in Copenhagen? I’ve got just the place! ‘Cause Tivoli is sure To put...