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In a Nutshell: Travel Gear, Beyoncé, Books, and Donuts


Here’s some stuff that I’ve used, loved, read, or consumed, and can legitimately vouch for 😘

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Stuff Bri Likes | Osprey Porter 30L | The Travel MedleyOsprey Porter 30L: Opens like a suitcase and fits all budget air guidelines – aka my travel BFF. This is the only backpack I will ever take on an extended, international trip ever again. {blog post}

Stuff Bri Likes | Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Liquid Soap | The Travel MedleyDr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap: Can be used as dish soap, laundry liquid, shaving cream, body soap, shampoo, and supposedly even toothpaste (which is the one thing I’ve never tried, and never plan to).

Stuff Bri Likes | Eagle Creek Packing Cubes | The Travel MedleyEagle Creek Pack-It Cubes: Hello organization! These are a little pricey, but super durable and feather light! And y’all, I need extra weight in my backpack like California Cat Lady needs another kitten.

Stuff Bri Likes | PackTowl Personal Towel | The Travel MedleyPackTowl Personal Towel: TBH, microfiber is kind of weird to towel off with, but this lil guy dries quickly and takes up very little packing space. Good for hostels, beaches, or even as a picnic blanket.

Stuff Bri Likes | TSA Approved Master Lock | The Travel MedleyTSA Approved Master Cable Lock: The flexible wire ensures that you can use this lock in any situation. The combination style ensures that you won’t spend your trip stressed about losing a tiny key.

Stuff Bri Likes | Hearos Ultimate Softness Series Foam Earplugs | The Travel MedleyHearos Ear Plugs: These ear plugs are your ticket to sweet, uninterrupted sleep. Even if your hostel roommates are idiots. Or if you’re sleeping next to church bells that ring every 15 minutes.



Stuff Bri Likes | Sony RXii Camera | The Travel MedleySony Rx ii Camera: Easily *the best* compact point-and-shoot. (Well, except the newer version of the same camera.) Incredible travel photos without the weight/expense/stress of a fancy-pants DSLR.

Stuff Bri Likes | iFox Bluetooth Shower Speaker | The Travel MedleyiFox Bluetooth Shower Speaker: Music is a must for me. This waterproof speaker allows me to practice my Beyoncé solos daily – whether in the shower, at the beach, or on remote hikes.

Stuff Bri Likes | GoPro and floaty backdoor | The Travel MedleyGoPro & floaty backdoor: For swimming, paddleboarding, whitewater rafting, and taking underwater selfies LIKE THE MERMAID YOU ARE. (And other crazy adventures.)

Stuff Bri Likes | PowerBot External Power Bank | The Travel MedleyPowerBot Battery Cylinder: If you are as directionally-challenged and overly-reliant on Google maps as I am, extra smartphone juice is vital for in-route planning.

Stuff Bri Likes | MacBook Air | The Travel MedleyMacbook Air: Small, light, and portable. For blogging, editing photos, researching travel options (with approx 23849 open tabs), and binge-watching House of Cards on Netflix.

Stuff Bri Likes | Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader | The Travel MedleyKindle Paperwhite: #TRAVELHACK – check out ebooks from your home library while you’re on the go (including guidebooks)! Frees up packing space, weight, and money.



Stuff Bri Likes | Encircled Chrysalis Cardi | The Travel Medley

Chrysalis Cardi: Essentially a fancy, multi-way snuggie that you’re allowed to wear in public without judgement. I’ve worn it 10+ ways in 10+ countries, and I’m totally obsessed. {blog post}

Stuff Bri Likes | Thinx Period Panties | The Travel Medley

Thinx: Period panties! Winner of the “why-didn’t-these-exist-sooner” award & a monthly staple whether I’m on the road or just eating donuts on the couch. {Plus, $10 off your first order!}

Stuff Bri Likes | Minus33 Merino Wool Tee | The Travel Medley

Minus33 Merino Wool Crew: My fav merino wool shirt because it’s super low maintenance and magically transforms me from a sweaty hobo to a chic travelista. {See Woolly for guys}

Stuff Bri Likes | Ibex Freya Cardigan | The Travel Medley

Ibex Freya Full-Zip Cardigan: One of my FAQs – people linking to a picture of me wearing this multi-way jacket & then asking what it is, so they can also purchase it. (Lol, one time…)

Stuff Bri Likes | Calvin Klein Double Breasted Trench | The Travel MedleyCalvin Klein Double Breasted Trench: Both the hood and the inner wool liner are removable, making this coat super versatile. It’s easily worn across seasons, and a classic piece in your wardrobe.

Stuff Bri Likes | Goody Spin Pins | The Travel MedleyGoody Spin Pins: I wouldn’t believe it until I tried it, but these things somehow manage to keep my mountains of tangly hair in a reasonably sleek bun all day long. (I suspect witchcraft.)


{GUYS: See Michael’s 30L packing list for 9 months backpacking around Europe.}



Stuff Bri Likes | Beyoncé's Lemonade album | The Travel MedleyBeyoncé’s Lemonade: I mean, regular lemonade is good too, but y’all KNOW when it’s Queen Bey serving it up, there’s gonna be ambition, power, and sass in your glass. This album is my everything.

Stuff Bri Likes | Karaoke nights! | The Travel MedleyKaraoke: You guys, *anything* can happen on a karaoke night!!! It’s a magical activity. And it’s the easiest way to turn a room full of strangers into BFFs in the span of about a 3 minute song.

Stuff Bri Likes | Stroopwafels (traditional Dutch cookies) | The Travel MedleyStroopwafels: TBH, the best ones are freshly made from a street stall in the Netherlands. But you can also find pre-packaged stroops online. And/or buy this stroopwafel mug I hand lettered.

Stuff Bri Likes | Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) | The Travel MedleyPaddleboarding: A day of paddleboarding is my favorite way to relax. All I need is my inflatable SUP, my waterproof speaker (see above), a can or two of cider, and a few hours to hit my mental reset button.

Stuff Bri Likes | Spanish language | The Travel MedleyThe Spanish language: I took Spanish classes all through high school and college, and I spent a summer as an au pair in Spain. I’m also in love with salsa (both the dance and the food item).

Stuff Bri Likes | Reading by the pool | The Travel MedleyReading by the pool: If I can’t be paddleboarding, then I want to be reading by the pool. Favorite books include: The Wool Omnibus, Gang Leader for a Day, Fahrenheit 451, and Einstein’s Dreams.

Stuff Bri Likes | A gratuitous use of emojis | The Travel MedleyA gratuitous use of emojis: The amount of emojis that I use while texting, Facebooking, Twittering, Instagramming, etc. is completely unnecessary… As is this shirt that I bought to pay tribute to my obsession.

Stuff Bri Likes | Donuts | The Travel MedleyDonuts: Let’s be real. I’m obsessed with all desserts. (Y’all probably know this.) But donuts are something I can make at home! Using this donut pan, and this recipe, I regularly put myself into a donut coma.

Stuff Bri Likes | Speech Language Pathology | The Travel MedleySpeech-Language Pathology: This is my “real” career. I love neurology cases, and highly recommend The Brain That Changes Itself for a fantastic view on neuroplasticity and rehab.


{ I hope to keep adding to this page! Be sure to check back in the future for more Stuff I Like }