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Zadar Reviews The Travel Medley | Croatia | The Travel Medley

Zadar Reviews The Travel Medley

The Travel Medley reviewed Zadar and said it was “only okay” and that there are “better options” in Croatia. Then, the people of Zadar reviewed The Travel Medley, and y’all – there is NO QUESTION ABOUT IT. The Travel...

Busabout Brand Ambassador Bloopers | The Travel Medley

Busabout Bri: Blooper Reel

UMM YOU GUYS. What I’m about to tell you is AN ACTUAL THING. GET EXCITED.     A company called Busabout is recruiting two wanderlust junkies (helloooo!) to travel around Europe and vlog their little hearts out! Ahhhhhh!!! (Oh right....

Marc | Inherited Wanderlust | The Travel Medley

From Point A to Point B

A lot of things inspired us to take this trip. We had always fantasized of full time travel, but we never dreamed in a million years that we could make it a reality. That is, until my brother...

Indie Cities Wanderlust Playlist | Travel Musings | The Travel Medley

Indie Cities Wanderlust Travel Playlist

Go right ahead. Grab your headphones and your Rick Steves books and relinquish the little control you still have over your brain cells. Let your eyes glaze over and start planning your next trip (real or imagined) to the sound of these...