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Knix | 8-in-1 Evolution Bra | The Travel Medley

My #1 Travel Bra

Y’all know I have strong opinions about what to pack for travel. Aaand… you also know I don’t shy away from TMI topics. So buckle up, and get ready to hear about my boob sweat. (Sorry, Dad. You...

Stuff Bri Likes | The Travel Medley

I Like Things

Today is a short post. I just wanted to direct your eyeballs up to the top of your screen real quick. (Or within the lil hamburger menu bar, if you’re on your phone.) Because there’s a new page...

What's in Bri's Bag? | Longterm Travel in a 30L Carry On Bag | The Travel Medley

What’s in Bri’s Bag?

I get ridiculously excited about travel. When I’m not on a trip, I’m making maps into wall décor, or thumbing through travel books, or curating my own wanderlust-inspired playlist. Then of course, when I actually book a trip,...

What to Pack for Longterm Backpacking Around Europe

What’s in Michael’s Bag?

Hi! This is Michael. [What?! Who is this mysterious Michael person that’s hacked into the blog and written a post?!?!] For the past 9 months, I’ve been living out of a small backpack. And I’ve loved it. In...

Chrysalis Cardi Review | encircled | The Travel Medley

Chrysalis Cardi Party!

The Chrysalis Cardi is one of my absolute favorite things that I packed for this trip. It’s one of those “wear-it-different-ways” pieces of clothing, and I already know what you’re thinking. Because all convertible clothing fits into exactly 4 different categories:...