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Interesting Tidbits: Rome

In an attempt not to go WAY overboard on any given city (cough, Barcelona cough cough)… I’m going to finish up blogging about our time in Rome. If you missed any of the previous posts: Go ahead. Take...

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Famous Art and Satanic Longhorns: Vatican City

Vatican City (yes, a thing with “city” in the name) is the world’s smallest country. It’s just over 100 acres, and it’s completely surrounded by the city of Rome. So basically, it’s a really tiny country (with “city” in...

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Dubsmash Roundup: Rome

Confession: I am addicted to Dubsmash. It’s basically the karaoke of iPhone apps and it will always be extremely entertaining to me. It’s also usually somewhat embarrassing, but…     A Dubsmash Roundup of Rome may not be what the world...

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The Caesar Shuffle: Roman Forum, Colosseum, Pantheon

Rome is one of a kind. It’s considered the birthplace of Western civilization and it provided the backdrop for several major art and architectural movements. Archeological evidence shows human occupation of this city for over 10,000 years – which is hard for my...