Life in Guyana: Dubsmash Edition

I wanted to share a little peek at my daily life in Guyana, and what better way than through a Dubsmash post?! (Psst! Quick reminder for my email subscribers: I love you with my whole heart, but you’ll...

Guyana Trivia Quiz | Guyana | The Travel Medley

Guyana Trivia Quiz!

Most people have never heard of Guyana. It’s a teeny little country along the northeast coast of South America, and it’s also where Michael & I have been living for over a month now.     I’ve been...

Guyana Trivia Quiz | Guyana | The Travel Medley

Going to Live in Guyana! Byeeee

HEY! HEY YOU GUYS. I CAN OFFICIALLY SHARE NEWS ABOUT MY NEXT TRIP!!! And you might want to sit down. Because this is kind of major. I’ve been doing happy dances in my living room pretty much every...