Shelves of towels and a bench in the changing area.

Naked Bonding Through a Sauna Song

In Finland, you’re not really friends with someone until you’ve seen them naked. Which, contrary to what you might be thinking, isn’t weird. Because, in fact, you see all sorts of people naked. Your family, your business associates, your...

HEL YEAH | Mini Dubsmash Roundup: Helsinki | The Travel Medley

Mini Dubsmash Roundup: Helsinki

(Psst! Quick reminder for my email subscribers: I love you with my whole heart, but you’ll need to open this post in your web browser to be able to watch the videos.) Okay, this is a mini roundup, because I...

Helsinki Is Really Really Beautiful | Finland | The Travel Medley

Helsinki Is Really Really Beautiful

Helsinki is a lot of things. One of those things is really, really beautiful. The city is located on the tip of a peninsula, with over 300 surrounding islands. During the summer, the water is really blue and the...