Sweet Cakes and More | Split, Croatia | The Travel Medley

Sweet Talk (Plus Chalk!)

Hey y’all! I’ll try to keep this post short and…   But Sweet is the name of an *adorable* bakery in Split, Croatia. And one day, as I was walking down the sidewalk, I happened to notice it. (Okay,...

IKEA Påskbord Smörgåsbord | USA | The Travel Medley

Driving and Feasting: IKEA Style

Remember the time Michael & I went boating and feasting: Viking style?! (Aka, the time we ate a traditional Swedish smörgåsbord on our overnight boat to Stockholm?) OMG Y’ALL. I still have dreams about that night.     It was AMAZING. The...

How to Grill Party in Norway | Oslo | The Travel Medley

Ain’t No Party Like a Norwegian Grill Party

If you go to Norway during the summer, you will see advertisements like this everywhere. The ads will look fun and exciting, so you will definitely want to Grill Party. Plus, eating out in Norway (and Scandinavia in general) is...

Abso-fika-lutely | Stockholm | The Travel Medley


In the last blog post, you learned that you can already read Swedish. (Well, the important words anyway.) Which is pretty cool. But let me tell ya, in Sweden, the four letter F-word is a whole different story....