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Going to Live in Guyana! Byeeee

HEY! HEY YOU GUYS. I CAN OFFICIALLY SHARE NEWS ABOUT MY NEXT TRIP!!! And you might want to sit down. Because this is kind of major. I’ve been doing happy dances in my living room pretty much every...

100th Post Celebration | Top Dancing Dubsmashes | The Travel Medley

100th Post Celebration!

This is The Travel Medley’s 100th blog post! WOOOO!!! 🎉   I wanted to celebrate the best way I know how – with Dubsmashes, OBVIOUSLY. Enjoy!     20 dancing Dubs, 12 countries, and lotssss of cheesy dance moves. Y’all,...

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Mini Dubsmash Roundup: Helsinki

(Psst! Quick reminder for my email subscribers: I love you with my whole heart, but you’ll need to open this post in your web browser to be able to watch the videos.) Okay, this is a mini roundup, because I...

Dubsmash Roundup | Brussels | The Travel Medley

Dubsmash Roundup: Brussels

HEYOOOO it’s Dubsmash time! Which is my absolute favorite time. Get excited, y’all. After the crowds went wild for our Dubsmash Roundup of Rome, we knew we had to continue these posts. (Plus, any excuse to make more Dubsmashes, duh.) Note:...

Dubsmash Roundup | Rome | The Travel Medley

Dubsmash Roundup: Rome

Confession: I am addicted to Dubsmash. It’s basically the karaoke of iPhone apps and it will always be extremely entertaining to me. It’s also usually somewhat embarrassing, but…     A Dubsmash Roundup of Rome may not be what the world...