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Hi! I’m Bri.


Here’s my face from 12 different angles.


Fake Internet Awards for Stockholm | Sweden | The Travel Medley
That’s why you came here, right?


No? Okay fine.


Here’s the story of The Travel Medley.


This blog started out as a way to document a nine month trip around Europe with my husband.


What's in Bri's Bag? | Longterm Travel Around Europe in a 30L Carry On Bag | The Travel Medley
(He’s pretty cute, huh?)


And yes, that’s a thing we did.


In early 2016, we decided to take the plunge. We quit our jobs, sold most of our stuff, packed one backpack each, and said our goodbyes.


The rest of the year was spent wandering around Europe as homeless nomad gypsies, with only the 30L packs on our backs.


A small packed bag, pair of shoes, and a crossbody purse
All my worldly possessions for the better part of a year.


I wanted a place to document our trip. And thus, The Travel Medley was born.


But y’all. Apparently I really needed a creative outlet. Because each post was more ridiculous than the last…


I ended up with lots of Dubsmash posts.


Dubsmash Roundup: Brussels | Belgium | The Travel Medley
This is a peek at the Dub post for Brussels, Belgium.


And I brainstormed creative poses with the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


Please, For the Love of God, Do Not Pretend to Hold Up The Leaning Tower of Pisa | Pisa, Italy | The Travel Medley
Can we please stop pretending to hold it up???


I even drew my own version of events the time our hostel dorm roommates forgot how to be normal, considerate human beings.


PSA To All Dorm Hostel Roommates | Everywhere | The Travel Medley
Blogging was a great outlet for my cartoon self to express her outrage.


Sometimes, there’s legit, travel-blogger advice too. Here are some examples:





  • The time I showed you the nitty gritty of What’s in Bri’s Bag – for nine months of continuous travel around Europe


What's in Bri's Bag? | Longterm Travel in a 30L Carry On Bag | The Travel Medley
Undies and all! (You should be aware that there’s plenty of TMI in this post.)


All in all, I enjoyed doing this way too muchSo I decided to continue travel blogging.


We finished our 9 month trip around Europe. And we came back to the US. But I’m definitely not finished traveling!


There are just SO MANY places to see.


Plus, I found this super cute elementary school project of mine. And now I feel like I have an obligation to Past Tense Bri to accomplish my childhood dreams.


Someday | Bri's Childhood Dreams | The Travel Medley
I clearly had no concept of pyramids, but I already knew that I wanted to travel.


So this might not be your average, run-of-the-mill travel blog. But I’m okay with that.


I’ve decided that I’m going to do it my way.


Instead of sugar coating everything like, “Omg I’m a travel blogger and my life is perfect!” I’m gonna give you a strong dose of #realtalk. (Like the time I ate a cow’s stomach and almost vomited.)


Face Swapping at the Rijksmuseum | The Netherlands | The Travel Medley
Or the time I accidentally face-swapped with famous art because I’m bad at using Snapchat.


I will share silly stories, admit that I don’t like flowers, use too many hashtags, and make frequent Beyoncé references. I will also have SO MANY posts dedicated entirely to food.


Every once in a while, I’ll try to give you gear recommendations and share travel tips too. And sometimes, I’ll make travel-themed art.



And throughout it all, there WILL be dancing.


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