My #1 Travel Bra

Y’all know I have strong opinions about what to pack for travel. Aaand… you also know I don’t shy away from TMI topics. So buckle up, and get ready to hear about my boob sweat.

(Sorry, Dad. You probably don’t need to read this one.)


The Knix 8-in-1 Padded Evolution Bra is my #1 travel bra! Here’s 8 reasons why:


Knix | 8-in-1 Evolution Bra | The Travel Medley


1) You can take silly pictures with the box.

2) Performance fabric: moisture-wicking, quick-dry, anti-odor. THIS IS MY EVERYTHING. One time, I wore this bra on 6th Street and danced my booty off all night (aka, I was a hot sweaty mess), and my bra still smelled fresh the next morning! 🙌

3) It’s reversible. One side is beige and the other side is black, so I can wear the same bra with any color shirt. Which is good for traveling (only gotta pack one bra!), but also for when I haven’t done my laundry…

4) There isn’t any underwire. Aka, there’s nothing poking my sensitive bits, and also – I don’t have to worry about my bra getting wonky and bent out of shape when I shove it in my backpack for travel.


Knix | 8-in-1 Evolution Bra | The Travel Medley


5) Detachable straps allow for straight up and down straps or X-back. Which means I can wear it with racerback tank tops and regular shirts. Thank you, amazing contortionist bra.

6) It’s comfy. And y’all know if it isn’t comfy, it isn’t going on my body. The first couple of times you wear this bra, it adjusts to the shape of your body (and your ta-ta’s) for maximum comfort.

7) There’s a 30 day return policy that allows for wash and wear! (I feel like companies with these policies know they have legit products that will rarely be returned.)

And lastly….


Knix | 8-in-1 Evolution Bra | The Travel Medley


8) Because I am a top Knixwear influencer (lol whaaaat?) they are giving you guys – The Travel Medley tribe – access to a secret 48 hour sale! So if you act quickly, you can get 30% OFF.

The discount code is “thetravelmedley” and it’s good from February 23-25 (update: we’re doing this again!!!) May 25-27. YASSS QUEEN.


Plus, Knix has other products – and they’re all 30% off for 2 days! So check out their bras, period panties, something called the “Don’t Sweat It T-Shirt,” super comfy loungewear, etc.

(Update: I now own *all* these things, so feel free to ask questions about specific products!)

Do itttt. Your boobs, your sweat, and your boob sweat will thank you.




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    Woohoo! I was already a big fan of their evolution bra, and I just snagged a couple pairs of the leak-proof panties and the new Evolution tank! Thank you!

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      YASSSS!!! This is their biggest sale of the year, so it was definitely a good time to stock up! I’m really curious about the Evolution tank… I might have to give it a try as well. Enjoy your new Knix! 🙂

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    Hey! I’m wondering if you have ever purchased the padded evolution bra? I bought two of them and unfortunately when I took them out of the packaging, they had those unsightly dents/ folds in the padding. Did yours ever have that problem? And if so, did it go away after a few wears? Any time this has happened to a bra of mine, the dented boob look always stays and never goes away. Hoping this time is different! Also- this sale- is that for May of 2019??

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