Woolly Women’s Merino Wool Clothing

When Michael and I took our 9 month trip around Europe, we each took one 30L backpack.

I had a really hard time choosing my clothes for the better part of a year, but Michael did not. In fact, about half of his wardrobe came from the same company: Woolly Clothing Co.

He literally packed 4 shirts, and 2 of them were Woolly tees. He also had a Woolly hoodie.


What to Pack for Longterm Backpacking Around Europe
Interested in the deets? You can see his full packing list here.


And even though Michael wore Woolly every single day for 9 months, he is still completely obsessed with his Woolly shirts, and continues to wear them ALL. THE. TIME.

(Hint: It’s because they’re fantastic.)


Woolly Merino Wool Clothing | The Travel Medley
Here he is in Italy, pondering how awesome Woolly clothing is.


And y’all, I will admit – I used to be super jealous, because they only had men’s clothing.

I even considered buying a sized down men’s v-neck so that I, too, could ponder the inarguable awesomeness of Woolly. But then… the most *wonderful* thing happened!!!

That thing? WOMEN’S WOOLLY – yassss queen!!!!  🙌  👸🏻


Woolly Merino Wool Clothing | The Travel Medley
Woooooo! Literally jumping for joy. #YQY


When I heard news of the women’s line, I got BEYOND EXCITED. (If you follow The Travel Medley on Facebook, you’ve likely seen the hype.)

And as Woolly’s #1 fangirl, they generously sent me some samples to try out!!!


My excitement level was on par with Adele juggling Grammys on the red carpet in 2012.


Woolly Merino Wool Clothing | The Travel Medley
Here I am with my Woolly packages, belting out “Rolling in the Deep” and pretending I have a British accent.


So it’s official!

I no longer have Woolly-envy, because I am the proud owner of:

Women’s Ultralight Long Sleeve V-Neck (150 GSM)
Women’s Cowl Neck Pullover (260 GSM)
Women’s Legging (260 GSM)

That’s what’s upppppppp!

And y’all – women’s Woolly has totally lived up to the hype. I’m obsessed.

For starters, merino wool is a miracle fabric.


Woolly Merino Wool Clothing | The Travel Medley


We’re talking about clothing that:

1) Is breathable and soft –– this is NOT itchy grandma sweater wool
2) Keeps you warm in the cold *and* cool in the heat (I suspect witchcraft)
3) Is naturally anti-microbial and anti-odor
4) Dries quickly! (for sweaty activities, laundry on the go, and/or unexpected rainstorms)
5) Naturally protects against UV rays


Y’all. That means merino wool is perfect for traveling.

But it’s also perfect for hiking, playing sports, lounging around the house… basically, ALL THE ACTIVITIES.


Woolly Merino Wool Clothing | The Travel Medley
Including stand up paddleboarding, a personal fav.


But there are also a few reasons why I specifically love Woolly brand merino wool.


Woolly has a lower price tag than most merino wool on the market. Plus, lots of ways to save!

* 10% off coupon if you sign up for their email list (see the right side of their home page)

* My referral link gets you $10 off $50: http://woollyclothingco.refr.cc/thetravelmedley – heyyyoooo! (Update, there’s no longer a referral program, sorry!)

* If you have an Amazon gift card or Amazon credit card points, you can order Woolly through Amazon & use that “free money” toward your purchase

* And because they do their shipping through Amazon, standard shipping is always free!


Woolly Merino Wool Clothing | The Travel Medley
Yay for saving money!!!


Another perk is non-ugly clothes. (For real.)

You’d think I wouldn’t need to say this…

But I feel like other brands really struggle, especially when it comes to making a women’s line.


Woolly Merino Wool Clothing | The Travel Medley
Thank you, Woolly, for not putting anything weird on your clothes.



Other options, in terms of colors, graphics, and sayings often make me want to puke. Why oh whyyyy are there so many pastels and flowers and sunsets?!?

I do not want any of those things.

All of Woolly’s products are regular pieces of clothing I would wear every day. They’re neutral basics that go with anything! Hallelujah 🙌


Woolly Merino Wool Clothing | The Travel Medley
You’d think this wouldn’t be so difficult. But apparently, it is.


They also have great customer service.

I’ve sent multiple emails (mostly to profess my love for Woolly), and I always get prompt, personalized responses. They remember my husband’s name, where I’ve been traveling most recently, and inject a little personality. (I hate boring emails.)

And while I haven’t *personally* had to do this, their website talks about a satisfaction guarantee. Based on my email exchanges, I’m guessing they would do just about anything to make you happy.

Maybe they would even buy you a puppy!!! Who knows?!?! I’d say it’s worth a try.
(Note: If you do this, do NOT mention The Travel Medley.)


Woolly Merino Wool Clothing | The Travel Medley
My very own SUP puppy! You never know unless you ask…


Lastly, let’s talk about the specific pieces they sent me.

(For the record, I’ve basically been living in them for the last month.)


Women’s Ultralight Long Sleeve V-Neck (150 GSM)


Women’s Cowl Neck Pullover (260 GSM)


Women’s Legging (260 GSM)


Here are some reasons I love them.

The obvious: they are comfortable, stylish, and I can wear them multiple days in a row without smelling like a human garbage can.

(And ya better believe I do.)


They are also great either by themselves, or for layering.


Woolly Merino Wool Clothing | The Travel Medley
Which is great for Texas winters, where it can go from 70 degrees to 30 degrees in less than a day.


The Ultralight Long Sleeve V-Neck is 150 GSM, which is perfect for sweaty activities or a warmer day, but also works great as a base layer in cold weather. Sometimes I also wear a cami underneath (as seen above).

The Cowl Neck Pullover is a little thicker, at 260 GSM, and again, works just fine all on its own – or on top of a base layer or two.

The Leggings can be worn on their own (but pay attention to the undies you wear), or long-underwear-style underneath other pants (always a win).


I also really like the Leggings because they’re long enough that I don’t look like Steve Urkel.

And in fact, when I wear all of my Woolly together, I feel like Claire Underwood.


Woolly Merino Wool Clothing | The Travel Medley
Here I am in my Woolly gear, looking chic AF and pretending I’m the First Lady in a Netflix series.


The Cowl Neck Pullover also has thumb holes and pockets, to keep my hands warm and to store my phone while I do ALL THE ACTIVITIES.


Woolly Merino Wool Clothing | The Travel Medley
Warm hands and a snug lil pocket for my phone both make me happy.


Plus, (in addition to not having stupid designs on them) all of my Woolly is nice and neutral.


Woolly Merino Wool Clothing | The Travel Medley
Black on black is my style, but if you like colors, there are other options!


I’m a big fan of being able to throw on any top with any bottom, without having to worry about if they match.

It’s especially nice when I’m traveling and have limited clothes in my suitcase, but let’s be real – it makes everyday life easier too.


And lastly… I don’t have to be jealous of Michael any more!

Because I officially have my very own Woolly. YASSS.


Woolly Merino Wool Clothing | The Travel Medley
Couples that Woolly together, stay together.


In case you haven’t been paying attention, or you just scrolled to the bottom of this post (what’s wrong with you?) here’s the gist:

Woolly gets two thumbs up from me.


Woolly Merino Wool Clothing | The Travel Medley


First, you get to channel your inner Adele and Claire Underwood. (Don’t lie. You want to be both of them.)

Plus – it’s comfy, non-pastel, temperature regulating, moisture wicking, quick dry, anti-odor, and can be worn literally all the time. (Helloooo combination workout, everyday, and pajama clothes.)

Aaaand lastly, Woolly gives you about a million ways to save money! (See above.)


I see zero down sides. So what are you waiting for?? Get on it, people!


Woolly Merino Wool Clothing | The Travel Medley
RUN! Awkwardly up the stairs and toward your computer! Go go go!


Referral Link: http://woollyclothingco.refr.cc/thetravelmedley (Update, there’s no longer a referral program, sorry!)

Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2ExPxcn



Plus, as an added bonus… you might get a free puppy.*

*This is in no way guaranteed. Again, please do not mention The Travel Medley if you attempt this. But do email me afterward to tell me how it went. And/or send me pictures of your adorable dog on your paddleboard with you. Thnx.




  1. Reply

    Okay, it’s official Bri, I’m just going to buy everything you recommend. I am a die-hard Icebreaker fan, and I haven’t had much luck with the few other wool brands I’ve tried, but all the Icebreaker leggings I’ve tried kind of suck. So… I figured I would give these a try because you recommend them so highly – and they are totally AWESOME! Thank you for another great recommendation! 😉

    1. Reply

      Woooo, thanks Kristina!!! I feel your pain – I’ve definitely had some merino wool duds. Hope you enjoy your Woolly as much as I do 🙂

  2. Reply

    Too bad they don’t have larger sizes. Would love it.

  3. Reply

    These look so great!! What are you wearing underneath the shirt? Do you have a longer tank on or?

  4. Reply

    I just ordered the cowl neck and leggings. Super excited to receive them. Just wondering if you’ve tried the romper. It looks so cute, but I’m kinda long waisted and bigger hips.

  5. Reply

    This past summer I bought one henley shirt and three pairs of underwear. Hand washing predominantly, and a few loads of delicates in a newer front load LG washer, and I got a hole in the back of the shirt and one pair of underwear started to I can only describe as unravelling. This was after a month trip.

    Well, Woolly made it right by sending me a replacement shirt and pair of boxers. But now I’ve had a second pair of underwear have a 2 inch blowout along some stitching. Super comfortable clothing, but I’m not impressed with durability.

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