The Best Scrubs for Medical Mission Trips (and Everyday Wear)

Are you a nurse, therapist, doctor, vet, dentist, or other scrubs-wearing professional?

Do you *know* a nurse, therapist, doctor, vet, dentist, or other scrubs-wearing professional?

If the answer to either of these is yes – PLEASE keep reading.


FIGS Are The Best Scrubs | The Travel Medley


Hi. I realize this is The Travel Medley, and most of you are here for travel things.

Are you an avid traveler with no scrubs-wearing people in your life? You have my permission to skip this post.

Go ahead and close the tab. It’s okay. Or maybe go back to the Dubsmash archives for a giggle.


FIGS Are The Best Scrubs | The Travel Medley
Bc this post is about amazing scrubs! (Though there ARE a few Dubsmashes too…)


Are you still here? Great.

Helloooo scrubs-wearing professionals! (And their friends who love them enough to read this!)

I would like to introduce my newfound obsession, and the topic of this blog post: FIGS scrubs.


FIGS Are The Best Scrubs | The Travel Medley
They are 100% awesome.


They are a must-have for medical mission trips… but honestly, they’re worth the upgrade for everyday wear too.


Let me upgrade ya. 20% off your first order!


I will admit that I used to be an idiot. Because I thought ALL scrubs were great. (This is partially because I hate regular clothes.)

I mean, scrubs are basically just professional sweatpants… right?


Comparing scrubs to sweatpants would indicate that they’re actually comfortable. And most scrubs fit horribly, don’t breathe well, and are essentially a potato sack of fabric with a drawstring.


FIGS Are The Best Scrubs | The Travel Medley
Essentially: most scrubs are garbage.


On the other hand, FIGS scrubs are the most comfortable thing I’ve ever put on my body.

I love them, and they have been VITAL to my comfort and well-being as I supervise my speech therapy students in Guyana.


FIGS Are The Best Scrubs | The Travel Medley
FIGS scrubs are the #1 item in my suitcase this trip. Hands down.


Let’s talk about some of the features.


1) Ridiculously soft

Think about how many hours you spend in scrubs every day/week/month/year. Wouldn’t it be nice if they were… I don’t know… comfortable?

FIGS are soft like buttah, you guys. Once you put them on, they may never come off.


FIGS Are The Best Scrubs | The Travel Medley
I even pretend my Zamora jogger scrubs are regular pants and wear them on my days off.

2) Moisture-wicking

In Guyana, tropical weather is a constant, year-round thing. Lots of heat/humidity, limited air conditioning (even in hospitals and clinics), and walking around town all day in the sweltering sun means I sweat a LOT.

Thank baby Jesus for FIGS scrubs.

The material is light and breathable AND it’s moisture-wicking. So my scrubs don’t feel like a furnace, and if… (let’s be real, when) I start sweating, my armpits and back aren’t totally drenched for the rest of the day.


FIGS Are The Best Scrubs | The Travel Medley
I’m sweaty and happy, but my colleague is crying bc her scrubs are a furnace.


3) Antimicrobial

Healthcare settings have lots of bodily fluids and bacteria. It comes with the territory. (And as you might imagine, the sanitation standards are a bit different when you’re working in a developing country…)

Whether you’re at home or abroad, an extra layer of protection certainly doesn’t hurt. Learn more about the FIGS antimicrobial-ness here.


FIGS Are The Best Scrubs | The Travel Medley
Go away, germs! You can’t sit with us!


4) Wrinkle resistant

This has been another major help for me while traveling. In Guyana, I often wash my clothes in a bucket, and then they get hung up on a clothesline. I don’t have the luxury of using a clothes dryer or an iron.

Luckily, FIGS are wrinkle-resistant!

It’s a real life saver while abroad, but let’s be honest… this is a wonderful feature no matter what. There are better ways to spend your time than de-wrinkling your work clothes.


(Like recording Dubsmashes, lol.)


Let’s recap: Ridiculously soft, moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, and wrinkle resistant. Plus, they come in tall and petite sizes! Which is great for humans who are not of average height. 🙋🏻

Essentially: these scrubs are amazing.


And if you need ANOTHER reason to love them…

FIGS has something called the “Threads for Threads” program.

For every set of scrubs sold, they give a set of scrubs to a healthcare provider in need.


FIGS Are The Best Scrubs | The Travel Medley
Through this program, FIGS has donated scrubs in over 34 countries around the world!


That makes my heart happy. ❤️

If you can’t tell, I really, really, really like FIGS scrubs…


(Enough to sing a love ballad to them.)


If you’re planning to go on a medical mission trip, put these scrubs on your packing list! If you ask me, they should fill your entire suitcase.

And even if you’re *not* planning a medical mission trip, do yourself a favor and upgrade today.

These scrubs are absolutely amazing – #treatyoself. PLUS, a pair of scrubs will also go to a healthcare provider in need! #winwin


FIGS Are The Best Scrubs | The Travel Medley
FIGS for life, y’all.


Use my link to get 20% off your first order! Do itttttt. You know you wanna.

And don’t keep this info to yourself. Be sure to tell your nurse, therapist, doctor, vet, dentist, and other scrubs-wearing friends!

Tweet to your scrubs-wearing celebrity crush! Save it on your scrubs-related Pinterest board!


FIGS Are The Best Scrubs for a Medical Mission Trip and Everyday Wear | The Travel Medley
Share the loooooove, y’all!



Note: When they heard I was going to Guyana to help train the country’s *very first* Speech-Language Pathologists, FIGS generously gave me a pair of their amazing performance scrubs. (After trying them on, I immediately ordered more. So I’ve also spent my hard-earned cash on these lil babies, and they are 100% WORTH IT.) As always, all opinions are my own.

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