Life in Guyana: Dubsmash Edition

I wanted to share a little peek at my daily life in Guyana, and what better way than through a Dubsmash post?!

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And with that said…

WOOOOOOO!!! It’s Dubsmash time, y’all!


First, let’s start with our apartment.

It’s very simple, and it’s bringing us back to the basics. For example, we wash our clothes in a bucket.



We also bathe from a bucket.

Our shower doesn’t consistently have running water, so bucket baths have become our new normal.

HOT TIP: if you heat a wire hanger over an open flame, you can use it to melt/stab holes into the bottom of a 2L Coke bottle. This creates your very own DIY shower head – fancy!



Guyana is just north of the equator, so it’s super hot year round, and our apartment doesn’t have A/C. I’m a sweaty person, so you can often find me like this…



Cold beverages and this electric fan are my new BFFs.


We also have a gas stove and oven, complete with our very own propane tanks.

For the oven, a little fire burns in the bottom of the oven the whole time to cook your food. (I’m sensing a s’mores opportunity!)



Our kitchen supplies are limited and we don’t have a working refrigerator, so we make lots of very simple meals.


During the days, I’m supervising the Speech-Language Pathology students at their clinical rotations. This may be at a hospital, school, or rehab center.



On some afternoons, I also give seminars on different SLP-related topics.



At the end of the day, I’m usually pretty exhausted. Even just walking around in the heat of the day will get to you!

Thankfully, the local rum has been a refreshing nightcap.



When I’m ready for bed, I tuck in with a mosquito net surrounding the bed.

Malaria, dengue, and zika are all totally things in Guyana, so better safe than sorry!



On the weekends, I typically have work to do to prepare for the upcoming week. However, I do try to get out and see the sights too!

I’ve gone to the Botanical Gardens…



I’ve walked around the city’s big shopping mall…



And one weekend, I took a day trip to see Kaieteur Falls – a gorgeous waterfall in the Amazon.



Idk y’all, maybe *DO* go chasing waterfalls. Sometimes it’s pretty worth it!



While working full time, I’ve done a terrible job of updating the blog. (I know. I’m sorry.)

But if you want to keep up with my adventures and see other sights, sounds, and stories from Guyana, I’m all over sosh meeds! Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

And/or reminisce with some old Dubsmash posts 💃🏻 🎶




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