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Today is a short post. I just wanted to direct your eyeballs up to the top of your screen real quick. (Or within the lil hamburger menu bar, if you’re on your phone.)

Because there’s a new page there!


Stuff Bri Likes | The Travel Medley


It’s called “Stuff I Like,” and it’s a page filled with stuff I like. (Shocking, I know.)

It has different sections:

  • General Packing
  • Tech Stuff
  • Lady Specific
  • Very “Bri” Things

(Also, if you click the emoji next to each section title… you are in for a silly surprise.)

All of the things recommended on this page are tried and true, Bri-certified awesome. I even took all of the pictures myself. No boring stock photos here, people!


Stuff Bri Likes | The Travel Medley


This is a great guide for adventurers, travelers, and people related to adventurers and travelers who want to buy those people awesome gifts.

You can also use this page to learn a creepy number of things about me. YAY!

{ And if that isn’t enough, feel free to internet stalk me! I’m in Milwaukee right now, and you can follow my travels in real time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. }



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