Split Music Jamz

I love ALL KINDS of live music. From elegant orchestras, to gritty street sounds, there’s something about being ~right there~ in the moment.

My theory (which is at least partially based on #science) is that live music hijacks my brain.

I stop thinking about how many thousands of calories were in the piece of chocolate cake I just ate, and I stop questioning why people drive below the speed limit in the left lane of the highway.

Instead, I get lost in the moment.


I can’t stop the feeling! (Nor would I want to. Live music is the best.)


In Split, we had the opportunity to experience some traditional Croatian a cappella, and also some electronic dance music.

(Quite the contrast, right??)

Both were live, and both were AWESOME.


Split Music | Croatia | The Travel Medley
Thanks, Split! Love you, mean it.


Let’s start with the traditional singing. Because it’s fantastic, and (real talk) also more interesting.

Klapa, y’all. It’s Croatian a cappella – sans musical instruments, but with ALL THE FEELINGS. And it’s absolutely enchanting.



And even more so, when you’re standing in the ancient Roman vestibule of Diocletian’s Palace.


Split Music | Croatia | The Travel Medley
Heyyyy beautiful Roman ruins. How YOU doin’?


Split Music | Croatia | The Travel Medley
The entry to Diocletian’s private residence = amazing acoustics.


Klapa is typically composed of 4 parts: a first tenor, a second tenor, a baritone, and a bass. All vocal parts (aside from first tenor) can be doubled to make the group bigger. (#squadgoals)

The tempo in the first video was a bit slower (did I also mention enchanting???), but I like when they get a little jazzier too.



Every single time I watch this video, my shoulders start involuntarily moving and grooving around the 0:07 mark. And from around 0:12-0:20, I belt out the words (in a made-up language that in NO WAY resembles Croatian), to sing along with the group.

Y’all, it’s so cool. Klapa is definitely my new jam.


And as if this wasn’t enough…

Along with ancient Roman ruins, Split also has tons of beautiful beaches.


Split Music | Croatia | The Travel Medley
This slice of heaven was a 10 minute walk from our Airbnb.


And Split is, appropriately, home to the Split Beach Festival, which combines electronic dance music (EDM) and open air beach parties.

Ummm. Live music? Beach parties?


Split Music | Croatia | The Travel Medley


EDM is high energy, but pretty repetitive. It’s something I usually reserve for my running playlist, because it’s the one thing that will (very occasionally) get me off the couch and onto the treadmill. (Which is to say, I don’t listen to it that often…)

But Michael likes it. And being in Europe for such a long time did make me appreciate EDM more. Even when I wasn’t gasping for air or cursing cardio workouts.

Plus, LIVE MUSIC. Always yes to live music.


Split Music | Croatia | The Travel Medley
This is not a drill.


Part of me was slightly concerned for the drunk people dancing in the ocean (because alcohol and ocean currents are typically *not* the best mix), but overall… it was good times!

I had a lot of fun and I danced my booty off – as one does at music festivals. And yeahhhh. I consistently double checked that everyone was standing upright in the water and not drowning, because I’m that kind of party person.

Aaaanyway. Here’s a short video, just so you can fully appreciate how completely-the-opposite-of-klapa it was.



But I think that was part of why I loved it so much.

The experience of traditional a cappella singing ~and~ beach party raves… in the same city!

(Literally within a few blocks of each other. Mind blown.)


Split Music | Croatia | The Travel Medley


Split Music | Croatia | The Travel Medley


One kind of music uses only the human larynx as an instrument, is super traditional, and has been passed down through the ages. The other uses computers and synthesizers to pump sick beats, and was literally created within the last generation.

Both can be found – live and in the flesh – in the city of Split.

How cool is that?!

Super cool.


Split Music | Croatia | The Travel Medley


So while there’s no way for you to experience live music through my blog post (and YouTube videos don’t quite do it justice…), maybe just thinking about this juxtaposition can hijack your brain for a little bit.

Forget about the calories in your totally warranted mid-day cupcake (just me?), and let’s be real… the world will never understand the slow-left-lane-drivers (so don’t even try).


And if this isn’t enough for you…


Someone decided to COMBINE THE TWO.

Klapa EDM.

I’m screaming.



Okay, so this isn’t even remotely a traditional klapa song. In fact, it’s more of a joke than anything.


And you can bet I’ll be jamming some Bili Ĉiku on the treadmill, ASAP.


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