Zadar Reviews The Travel Medley

The Travel Medley reviewed Zadar and said it was “only okay” and that there are “better options” in Croatia.

Then, the people of Zadar reviewed The Travel Medley, and y’all – there is NO QUESTION ABOUT IT.

The Travel Medley is the worst. It’s the most ignorant, uncultured blog on the internet! (Or at least, that’s what I gathered from the literal hundreds of emails, comments, and messages I received over the weekend.)

WARNING: Lots of strong language/content up ahead… 😬 


Zadar Reviews The Travel Medley | Croatia | The Travel Medley

*** However, please know that these comments in no way represent the people of Croatia as a whole. As I’ve written in previous posts, I traveled around Croatia for 2.5 months and I looooved it! It’s a gorgeous country, with so much to offer. Plus, I always enjoyed talking to the people there. Everyone was super friendly, helpful, and polite during my travels! ***

For real, y’all.

The people of Croatia are wonderful. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.


Zadar Reviews The Travel Medley | Croatia | The Travel Medley


So I mostly ignored the comments that said, “go kill yourself” or “dumb fuckin bitch.”


Zadar Reviews The Travel Medley | Croatia | The Travel Medley


After all, just because someone insults me or disagrees with me… doesn’t mean I have to get angry or worked up over it. (A valuable lesson for everyone involved! 😉)


Plus, while I was reading through my slew of hate mail, I found that I completely agreed with some comments!

For example, this one was a favorite.

Zadar Reviews The Travel Medley | Croatia | The Travel Medley


UM YES. THANK YOU. This is exactly how I would describe myself!


Zadar Reviews The Travel Medley | Croatia | The Travel Medley


I will be the first to admit that I am both silly and a girl.

In fact, I try to warn people of this as soon as they visit my website, so they don’t get the wrong idea!


Zadar Reviews The Travel Medley | Croatia | The Travel Medley


In fact, one could argue that my blog is more about being silly than it is about travel.

I also explain this on my “About” and “Best Of” pages. I’m not trying to pull the wool over anybody’s eyes. It’s totally true, y’all.

And ah yes… here’s another great comment.


Zadar Reviews The Travel Medley | Croatia | The Travel Medley


I mean… she’s not wrong.

Sometimes, I do have a bit of a horse face.


Zadar Reviews The Travel Medley | Croatia | The Travel Medley


And I’m not gonna pretend my toes are the prettiest either.

They’re not.


Zadar Reviews The Travel Medley | Croatia | The Travel Medley


(But ignore the toes – and look at that crystal clear Croatian water, you guys. As mentioned in previous posts, it’s beautiful!)

So anyway, I won’t argue there.

In fact, the vast majority of comments were focused on my physical appearance and my intelligence. (Both of which, I’ve found, correlate highly with your opinion of Zadar.)

Other people wanted to know if my hormones might have affected my lackluster review.


Zadar Reviews The Travel Medley | Croatia | The Travel Medley


Zadar Reviews The Travel Medley | Croatia | The Travel Medley


Lol. Great question, guys! I went ahead and did some research for you.

Looking back at my calendar… I got to Zadar on July 21, 2016.


Zadar Reviews The Travel Medley | Croatia | The Travel Medley


So while I actually had my period a couple of weeks before that (July 1-8), the little pink flower on July 21st means that I was, in fact, ovulating at the time of my visit!

Crazy hormones. Maybe that surge in estrogen did have something to do with it. Who knows?? I appreciate the concern.

And several other commenters felt the need to point out my lack of audience.


Zadar Reviews The Travel Medley | Croatia | The Travel Medley


Whoa there, “Bri.” Calm down.

I’m totally aware that I’m not famous or anything.

In fact, I’m continually shocked that anyone other than my mom reads the things I post.




I write because I like to. I enjoy being silly and creative, and putting my thoughts into words. Usually, I’m also trying to be somewhat humorous.

(Which sometimes… completely backfires 😂)


But my absolute favorite comments were those that told me my opinion doesn’t matter at all.


Zadar Reviews The Travel Medley | Croatia | The Travel Medley


Because let’s be honest.

It’s totally true.

Not that many people read my blog, and my opinion really doesn’t matter. Plenty of people love Zadar, and will continue to go there. (Which, for the record, I think is awesome! Because different people are allowed to like different things.)

For example, there are people who think The Travel Medley is the WORST – that it’s the most ignorant, uncultured blog on the internet!

And that’s cool. You’re allowed to think that. I don’t mind.


Thankfully, like this user said, my blog will soon be forgotten.


Zadar Reviews The Travel Medley | Croatia | The Travel Medley


I certainly hope so!

And in fact, I hope the people of Zadar are the FIRST to forget about my blog.

It’s clearly causing undue stress! 😜


Zadar Reviews The Travel Medley | Croatia | The Travel Medley

(Ah yes, and aren’t we all sometimes?)


But hey – if they do remember it, maybe the thing that will stick with them is that being silly is okay, you can find humor in any situation, and differences of opinion aren’t the end of the world.

After all, just because someone insults me or disagrees with me… doesn’t mean I have to get angry or worked up over it.





  1. Reply

    guess im the only guy who loved ur kinda “hating” review of my town 🙂
    greeting from Zadar

    1. Reply

      Haha, it was supposed to at least be *kind of* funny. Clearly, it wasn’t taken that way! All the best, Martin! I’ll let you know if I’m ever back in town 🙂

  2. Reply

    Wowsers. That is…. just cray.

    Who knew the Zadarians(?) were so passionate & fiery!

    I love your blog and it always puts a smile on my face. Keep dubsmashing, please!

    1. Reply

      Oh my goodness. SO MUCH FIRE! It’s been quite the experience.
      Thanks, Ben! And yes. Always yes to Dubsmashes.

  3. Reply

    As I comment on your Insta account and was (for sure not as you) bullied about it – I fully support you! Everything you wrote in your last post is true! But its seams Croatians dont like be criticized! They all think we have a beautiful county but thwn they are the ones that makes it …not so beautiful!
    As a blogger too, I wish you as many lovely stories as you can write! Keep it going, girl!!

    1. Reply

      Thanks, Anemari! I appreciate your kind comments. I’m sorry that you also got bullied – the internet can be a crazy place! Best of luck with your blogging too. You go, girl! 🙂

  4. Reply

    Oh my gosh, Bri! I just recently discovered your blog – I love your humor and this post is just great. I’m so sorry people said such hateful things to you – ugh, the internet some days. Sending you a little love and good vibes to counter all the ugliness. 🙂

    1. Reply

      Man oh man. The internet can definitely be ridiculous. Thanks for taking the time to comment and send good vibes my way! I really appreciate it. Especially at a time when my inbox is completely clogged with internet trolls. You da bomb, Kristy <3

  5. Reply

    Shame on you! You should stay at home and learn something about history before you dare to come and write about the city which is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. There is no culture in Zadar which is “only” 3000 years old? Stay at home and do something about your ignorance. You are not ridiculous, you are an ignorant.

    1. Reply

      Thanks for the love, Ljubica! Right back at ya <3

  6. Reply

    Next time come to Istria!

    1. Reply

      I did! I spent the entire summer in Croatia last year. In Istria, I saw Pula and Rovinj 🙂

  7. Reply

    Lucky,lucky girl,you didn’t said something bad about Split…trust me,than you would receive real,real hatred. :-))))) Stay cool,you were right.

    1. Reply

      Haha, noted! Thankfully I thought Split was pretty cool.

  8. Reply

    Wtf iz “Zadar” ?

    1. Reply

      hahahahhahahaha! This is the best comment so far!!!
      Btw Bri, I liked your post about ZaDAR. I like this one even more. Croatia is full of really stupid ppl so you did the best thing. Make jokes about it 🙂

      1. Reply

        Thanks for the comment, Lho_la! I tried to make the best of a bizarre situation! The internet can be so ridiculous.

    2. Reply

      Lololol. I don’t even know how to respond to this…

  9. Reply

    […] u duhovitom postu u kojem se šali na vlastiti račun velim slovima ističe kako ti prostački ispadi “ni na […]

  10. Reply

    Well now you have a real picture of “The Great People of Croatia” and their “hospitality”.
    See the tourism in Croatia now days can be described as a going to Mcdonalds…
    We/they just want your money and great reviews, but what do you actually get?? Sun, sea, overpriced meals and some fun now and there… of course there is always a CULTURE and hundreds of years of culture.. bs.. they are the first ones who don’t give a s**t about their culture or anything related, but when they have say some something they are the loudest. I like to call it concrete culture, cos when you look around Croatia they didn’t care too much other than to build new concrete houses for the apartments or to add objects on the beaches… You can ask any of the Croatians about history of the US or any other country, you can consider yourself happy if you get a clear answer 🙂 Anyhow, do visit Croatia but do not spend more dan 1-2 days in any city, and manage your expectations… Regards from someone who left Croatia cos one can’t deal with hypocrites anymore :O

    1. Reply

      And where did you go? To Faluja?

    2. Reply

      I always loved talking to people when I visited Croatia! Everyone was super friendly and nice. Overall, I thought it was an absolutely beautiful country. But yeah… apparently disagreements can be a bit heated! Now I know. It’s been super interesting, because if a foreigner dissed my hometown, I would probably join in. There are plenty of things wrong with every city! And plenty of people who love those cities anyway. It’s just a matter of opinion. Different things appeal to different people. (But apparently, NOT when it comes to Zadar.) Lol 🙂

  11. Reply

    I just gotta say that I found experience in Zadar the same as you did, few things you can see but nothing breathtaking or special. Anyways, it’s funny to see the response, but then again all sorts of people have access to the internet nowdays.

    Glad you kept your chin up and made fun of the idiots. 🙂
    Source: Croatian male, visited Zadar few times.

    1. Reply

      Haha, don’t agree with me too loudly! The internet trolls will hear you 😉

  12. Reply

    Hey Bri, just one thing… Your toes are super cute 🙂

    1. Reply

      LOL. This comment is simultaneously weird and hilarious. Thanks, Petar!!!

  13. Reply

    I agree 10000x with you!
    I’m from a country in South America, living now in Zadar – unfortunately – and every little word that you said it’s TRUE! People here are blinded, old-century mentality. Girls are so stupid and superficial, guys so ****… They think Zadar is the best town ever, that Croatia is the best country, that they are the best people, etc. Town with 3000 years and so retrograde, nothing here works good. Feel sorry for those ones that are paying to “enjoy” this fucking town. More than 2 days here and you want to kill yourself.

  14. Reply

    I read your review and the horrible comments you got from the many hateful idiots. I’m from Zadar and can say that much of your review is spot on. There is simply nothing to do or see in Zadar, escpecially in the main part of old town. The city’s tourist board have no real plan how to offer something different and special to tourists, and the sea organ and sun relict thing is getting old real fast. One word:boring. With no plan or concept you get exactly what you described: commercial stores selling sports clothing, calzedonia, a few fast food joints selling pizza cuts and fries, and that’s it.
    Everyone here lamenting how you didn’t see even 5% of the city’s culture is, I’m sad to say, full of sh*t. They don’t know one thing about the city’s culture or history, and are only interesting in the “apartmanisation” of the coast and mass tourism throughout june, july and august, so they can spend the rest of the year plundering through shopping malls with their “hard earned” money (which they will spend by January and be broke until the start of the next tourist season).

    Keep up the good work. Greetings from Zadar by a “Zadarian” (sounds weird;first time I heard that term).

  15. Reply

    Hi Bri! I just recently began to follow your blog (even without a Youtube channel). Let me follow you on Twitter/Instagram just for good measure! You are a good blogger and I really appreciate your humor! I thought your Zadar review was hilarious, and I’ve had a similar experience when visiting a city…and being underwhelmed. Thanks for taking it in stride! And keep on blogging!

    1. Reply

      Hahaha I’m glad that you could see past my lack of a proper YouTube channel! You should also be aware that I’m both silly AND a girl. (Just for full disclosure.) Thank you for the comment and the kind words! I really appreciate it, especially at a time when my inbox is clogged with internet trolls. Hope you have an amazing trip this fall!!! 🙂

  16. Reply

    Your post… meh! Got bored. Enough of this “celebrity”, who’s next?

  17. Reply

    Maybe don’t bash Zadar if you don’t like it? You literally called it a body odour filled, broken and culturally challenged place. That was a very bad move given the fact that Zadar is older than the entire USA and has civilisation ruines that represent the Roman Empire alongside a very rich modern nightlife scene. I would say shame on you, do your research first!

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