Driving and Feasting: IKEA Style

Remember the time Michael & I went boating and feasting: Viking style?!

(Aka, the time we ate a traditional Swedish smörgåsbord on our overnight boat to Stockholm?)


I still have dreams about that night.


Overnight Boat and Smorgasbord | Helsinki to Stockholm | The Travel Medley
Never-ending food = my version of heaven.


It was AMAZING. The only thing is… I do wish I had taken the entire tub of mustard herring back to my seat, and gobbled up every last piece. However, even despite my herring-related regrets, it was hands-down, the best meal ever.

Unfortunately, I can’t just hop on a boat to Stockholm any time I want. It’s far away, it’s expensive, and for most of the year, it’s ridiculously cold.

So when I started craving rye bread and meatballs, I was pretty stoked to hear that IKEA has an all-you-can-eat Easter Påskbord! That’s right, y’all. A lil springtime smörgåsbord, complete with herring, salmon, Swedish meatballs, lingonberries, and obviously ALL THE DESSERTS.


IKEA Påskbord Smörgåsbord | USA | The Travel Medley
I mean, helllooooooo!


We obviously went.

There’s an IKEA less than 15 miles away from us! Which is much closer than the 5,249 miles to Stockholm.

And you guys already know how I feel about never-ending food.


IKEA Påskbord Smörgåsbord | USA | The Travel Medley
Only $13 to stuff my face for 2 hours? That was a no-brainer.


I know you’re probs super jealous right now. An all-you-can-eat buffet in a Swedish-chain furniture store? Clearly the best.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself! We recorded a video of our experience, and you can see our #foodventure (complete with dancing) here:



Ughhhh, y’all, we ate sooooo much food.

I immediately went home and put on my biggest pair of sweatpants, and didn’t move for approximately 24 hours. At one point, I thought I might just curl up and hibernate for the next 3 months.

But was it worth it? RESOUNDING YES.

And in fact… IKEA also has an annual Midsummer Smörgåsbord in June. So when I start craving mustard herring and lingonberries, I already know where I can get my next fix.


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