Busabout Bri: Blooper Reel

UMM YOU GUYS. What I’m about to tell you is AN ACTUAL THING.



Busabout Brand Ambassador | The Travel Medley
I’m serious. Get AT LEAST this excited.


A company called Busabout is recruiting two wanderlust junkies (helloooo!) to travel around Europe and vlog their little hearts out! Ahhhhhh!!! (Oh right. And “vlogging” is blogging in video form, for all you grandpas out there.)

I know this seems like a thing I made up because it is ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL news, and I’m prone to travel-themed delusions and daydreams.

But this is a real screen clipping from their website.


Busabout Brand Ambassador | The Travel Medley


Ummm… why didn’t they just write “WE WANT BRI” because that’s basically how it reads to me.


Okay, but here’s the thing. It also sounds way too good to be true, and I’m slightly suspicious.

Like, what even is Busabout? Is it a secret government team testing the effects of psychedelic drugs on unsuspecting travelers? Is it a front for aliens gathering as much video footage of Earth as possible for their supreme overlords back home? Is it some kind of brain-washing cult, and I’m going to end up making sacrifices to some dubious deity in the name of travel?!

Um, no.

Apparently none of those things are even remotely true.


Busabout Brand Ambassador | The Travel Medley


Busabout is a travel company that offers a flexible hop-on-hop-off bus network, linking 46 cities and destinations in Europe.

It’s kind of like an InterRail Pass, but you’d be taking buses instead of trains. Plus, you would only be traveling with other Busabout-ers, instead of random train people. Which means that you’re guaranteed to be around other like-minded travelers, taking a trip much like yours. You also get friendly (well, I’m assuming they’re probably nice) and informative Busabout guides to tell you about your next destination and to help you plan your activities.


Busabout Brand Ambassador | The Travel Medley


(Yeah. None of that really sounds like drugs or aliens or a cult. So I was way off.)


Remember the part about how they’re looking to hire a brand ambassador to go around Europe and make videos about their travels?! Of course I had to submit an application. It was a no-brainer. And part of the application includes a 3-minute YouTube video, telling them about yourself and your favorite place.

Anddddd I wanted to share my outtakes with you guys! Mostly cause I know y’all like to watch me dance around like an idiot.



(Oh right. And here’s a link to the actual video I submitted.)

This is literally open to anyone in the world who is 18+ and submits an application in English, so it’s a pretty long shot. But I had to apply. Shoot for the stars and all that jazz.

Plus, if Busabout wants a brand ambassador who is okay with beer getting spilled all over them & who will dance A LOT in between takes… I’d say I’m the clear winner. They can probably just close the contest now.


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