Dubsmash Roundup: Scandinavia

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And with that said…

WOOOOOOO!!! It’s Dubsmash time, y’all!



These are always everyone’s favorite posts (and if I’m being honest, they’re mine too)… so let’s DO THIS. This post has Dubs from Sweden, Norway, and Denmark (aka: an entire Scandinavian Dubsmash Roundup!)

Sweden was the first country we went to in Scandinavia and it made me SO HAPPY because it was warm!!! It was the first time on our trip that I was actually able to wear shorts and a tank top. (Keep in mind that this was late May.)



It also made me ridiculously happy because the word for ‘hello’ in Swedish is ‘hej’ (which is pronounced like “hey” in English).

So we would walk into a shop, and the employee would smile and say “hej!” which always made me want to reply:



We also learned another very important Swedish word – fika.

This is a huge part of Swedish culture, and it basically means stopping for a social break during the day, over a cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun.



Michael’s family joined us in Stockholm, so they were able to partake in this tradition too.



There was other delicious Swedish food too, like meatballs! And Michael being silly, which (obviously) made them even better.



So we definitely got our fair share of Swedish culture. It was fantastic.

We even got a little dose of Finnish culture by sauna-ing in our hotel in Stockholm!



(Yes, I subjected my iPhone to 200 degree heat for the sake of this Dubsmash. You’re welcome.)

We definitely went a little Dubsmash crazy in Sweden.

But Norway was awesome too!

We saw famous art at the National Gallery in Oslo. Like Edvard Munch’s The Scream.



And we saw legit ships, sledges, beds, and wood carvings from 800 AD at the Viking Ship Museum.

(Where I reminded Viking Michael that he should probably shower sometimes.)



Y’all, we even got to see real live reindeer(!!!) at the Norske Folkemuseum.

Jess reminded us of this important fact…



And it’s pretty true.

Because while the reindeer were lounging around in the background of her Dubsmash, they immediately stood up (in an excited, and not at all startled manner) when I did my dancing Dubsmash a few minutes later…



Sooooo I’m pretty sure they loved it.

Our last stop in Scandinavia was Denmark. And a huge tourist attraction is a small, bronze statue of The Little Mermaid.

We obviously had to see it. And I obviously had to Dub near it.



So we got a little bit of a Disney throw back for me.

And Denmark is also the home of Legos! So Michael’s childhood dreams came true too.



First we played with the Legos… (obviously)

And then, I sang a song from The Lego Movie. As a lovely way of greeting customers walking into the store.



Overall, we had an amazing time in Scandinavia. (Can you tell?)

I even got to celebrate my birthday there! Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen was entirely too much fun.



I mean… an amusement park AND recording Dubsmashes all day? Pretty much the best birthday I could ask for.



(I realize that my lip syncing was off for that one, but I feel like I deserve credit for trying. And there was no way to re-record this one multiple times.)

Here’s one more birthday Dub for posterity.



And that brings the Dubbing to an end! (For now…)

Dubsmash Roundup: Scandinavia | Sweden, Norway, Denmark | The Travel Medley

I hope this ridiculously long Dubsmash post makes up for my mini Dubsmash post last time.

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