From Point A to Point B

A lot of things inspired us to take this trip. We had always fantasized of full time travel, but we never dreamed in a million years that we could make it a reality.

That is, until my brother did it.

Meet Marc.

Marc | Inherited Wanderlust | The Travel Medley

He started traveling about two years before we did, and he paved the way for us to do the same.

Marc gave us recommendations – from guidebooks, to credit cards, to travel gear. But he also did all of the things that absolutely TERRIFIED me. He quit his job, he packed up his belongings, and perhaps the scariest thing of all… he told our parents that we was going to quit his job and travel for a while. 😳 (Thanks again for absorbing most of the shock factor there. 😉)

He recently put together some video footage of his time in Southeast Asia and I thought it was WAY TOO FUN not to share! Check it out.

Marc also has an Instagram account, where you will typically find pictures of food when he’s traveling and beautiful mountain scenery when he’s home in Seattle. He’s been to 20 countries, but he’s taught me the beauty of slow travel and really getting to know a place, rather than just dipping a toe in various cities and “country counting.”

Thanks again for the travel inspiration! You got us from Point A (sitting on our butts and day dreaming of travel) to Point B (doing the damn thing). So glad you took the leap, and showed me and Michael that it was possible for us to do the same.

The Travel Medley owes ya one.


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