Mini Dubsmash Roundup: Helsinki

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Okay, this is a mini roundup, because I only have 5 Dubsmashes for Helsinki. BUT I figured y’all crazy people would want to see them anyway, and who am I to refuse you videos of me embarrassing myself in public??

We had an awesome time in Helsinki.


The airport code is “HEL” and they fully take advantage of that on all marketing materials. (The first thing we saw when we arrived at the airport was a giant “HEL YEAH!” billboard. I love their marketing team.)

And of course we need to talk about the food, because… have you met me?

Helsinki is located right along the coast, so fish is a typical protein source for Finns. Salmon is a popular choice because…


Gotta get those omega 3’s, y’all.

And not only that, but salmon is delicious too! Delicious enough to make me do a dance.


Okay, confession. I recorded these and then got pretty negligent on the Dubsmash front. So the last two are actually from our overnight boat trip from Helsinki to Stockholm.

Everybody knows that when you’re on a boat, you have to sing this song. (And do awkward, squatting dance moves to stay in frame, in sight of several very confused Scandinavians.)


And last but not least, I had to document the insane amount of sunshine during the summer when you’re this far north. Daylight lasts for up to 18 hours, and the sun doesn’t set until about 10:30 at night!


I know, I know. Only 5 Dubsmashes… such a tease.

If you need to get your fix, you can always go back to the Dubsmash Roundup: Rome or Dubsmash Roundup: Brussels posts. And there are more to come soon, featuring the Dubsmash talents of the Fairley family (get excited)!

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