A Karaoke Miracle in Frankfurt

{Note: This post is a continuation of the previous entry about our #YOLO trip to Frankfurt and our stay at Five Elements Hostel.}

Essentially, we were already pretty pleased with Five Elements, and then… THURSDAY NIGHT HAPPENED.

Five Elements Hostel | Frankfurt | The Travel Medley

Free pub crawls can really go either way. Since Michael and I didn’t have any major plans for Frankfurt, and since we’d done a lot of our sightseeing already, we decided to go for it. #YOLO, y’all. We figured that if the bar crawl was lame, we could always leave early.

The first few bars were… not great. And while the night started off a little slow, we decided that it was a good way to meet other travelers. So we took it as an opportunity to get to know the group from our hostel over some chit chat and beers. BUT THEN, hold the freaking phone, because the 5th and final bar of the night was a karaoke bar!!! OMG YASSSS.

You guys. I didn’t even have to search for karaoke in Germany! It found me!!! It was a Karaoke Miracle! 🙌

Karaoke in Germany | Frankfurt | The Travel Medley

We had SO MUCH FUN. This was Michael’s first international karaoke experience, and for the record, he totally killed it. People were cheering for him and going crazy and I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder to be his wife in our 5 years of marriage.

Karaoke in Germany | Frankfurt | The Travel Medley

We were basically karaoke celebrities. The ultimate karaoke power couple. And since I’ve promised international karaoke videos to a lot of people back home, here you go!

Everyone in our group sang, everyone in the bar had a great time, and I even got some backup singers at some point while singing Beyoncé.

So basically the next time you have the opportunity to say #YOLO and be super spontaneous… DO IT.



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