Brussels Will Make You Say “Oui Oui!” to Pee

Follow this rhyming scavenger hunt to find all 3 famous urinating statues of Brussels!
(Also, go ahead and judge! I don’t know what’s wrong with me either.)


Known for its chocolate, frites, and mussels
Of course, I’m talking the city of Brussels
But three statues here are second to none
Famous stone figures – who go number 1!

Tourists comb the city to seek them out
(To the glee of the locals, who snicker, no doubt)
Quite the way to spend a vacation!
Hunting for tributes to… urination?

But it’s all in good fun, and you really can’t miss
Seeing the stream of the Manneken Pis
Grab a map, let’s get started – just follow me!
The peeing boy is the first one we’ll see

Start at Grand Place, look at Brussels Town Hall
You’ll take the left lane to see nature’s call
Walk down Charles Buls, five minutes or so
Stop at Rue de Chêne, to see this lad go

Manneken Pis | Rhyming Scavenger Hunt of Brussels | The Travel Medley

Here he stands proud – impish smile, and no shame
Whizzing his way to international fame
He likes to dress up, and might have some clothes
Or stand in the nude as he empties his hose

But there’s more than one statue using the john!
Take a photo or two, and then we’ll move on
Jeanneke Pis is next – so let’s not delay
She’s just across town, ten minutes away

Turn around and go to Grand Place once more
Face the museum to see what’s in store
The street to the left is the one you will take
Walk down Chair et Pain – it’s as easy as cake

Straight down this street just a bit, you see
It’s not too far, to see this girl pee
When you hit a dead end, turn left and then
An immediate right, and we’ve made it again!

Jeanneke Pis | Rhyming Scavenger Hunt in Brussels | The Travel Medley

We’ve found dear Jean, at the back of the alley
To cross off another on our peeing tour tally
Behind the red gate, and there’s the tot
We’re giggling (she is too) as she pops a squat

But there’s one more puddle left on our list
And this four-legged peer is not to be missed
Het Zinneke’s next, so out the alley turn right
Then hang a left to see our next sight

After Rue de la Fourche, it’s a right once again
Along Rue du Marché 200 meters and then
A left onto des Poissonniers – two minutes to go!
A diagonal right onto Rue des Chartreux

Het Zinneke | Rhyming Scavenger Hunt in Brussels | The Travel Medley

At the end of the block, go ahead take a peek
Here’s the family pet, and he’s taking a leak
He lifts his leg, as happy as can be
Spending a penny for the world to see

And yes –
Though these statues all stand, peeing and proud
Tinkling tourists are not allowed
Please wait for a restroom (don’t go on the street)
This attractions list is already complete

We’re at the end! Have you ever been gladder
To see different statues empty their bladder?
For me, I’m just happy it’s not number two
Oui, oui, number one! For me, that’ll do



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    Too funny! I want some of whatever you guys have been drinking, eating or smoking ; )

    1. Reply

      Thanks!!! I think you have plenty of options in Colorado 🙂

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    […] Brussels. A place filled with amazing food, old school brewing techniques, and famous peeing statues. (It’s also a great backdrop to go a little Dubsmash crazy.) We thoroughly enjoyed our week here, […]

  4. Reply

    Going to Brussels in a few weeks, and I just want you to know I’m absolutely reading this aloud while hunting them down. Hilarious!

    1. Reply

      That makes me happy! Hope you found them all and had a wonderful trip 🙂

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