Dubsmash Roundup: Rome

Confession: I am addicted to Dubsmash. It’s basically the karaoke of iPhone apps and it will always be extremely entertaining to me. It’s also usually somewhat embarrassing, but…



A Dubsmash Roundup of Rome may not be what the world wants, but I feel it is what the world needs. So…



Since Rome was our first destination in a new country, I started off by trying to learn some Italian phrases. This is what the locals sound like vs. what I sound like:



But I would like to see the Italians quote Mean Girls as well as I can. Which is possibly an even more important skill, if you ask me.



Eager to make the most of Rome, I quickly immersed myself in the local food scene.



And, of course, went for the dessert too…



I even showed off my sweet dance moves in the street, while avoiding pedestrians, cars, and motorcycles.



Aaaand that’s the first of what I hope will be many Dubsmash Roundups throughout Europe!



Did you love this?? (Please just say yes.) More importantly, do you have suggestions for the next Dubsmash Roundup?! Comment on this post or send us ideas at thetravelmedley@gmail.com




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    I absolutely LOVED this – so much fun!

    1. Reply

      Thanks!! I had a lot of fun making these – I hope to have Dubsmash posts be a recurring theme 🙂

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    Love It. I will show them to Olivia. She is obsessed with Musical.ly app (5th grade version of Dubsmash). Great trip. We are enjoying watching your journey.

    1. Reply

      Awesome!! Musical.ly sounds like fun! Glad you are enjoying our updates <3

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    Me too!

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      Thanks!! I’m already brainstorming for the next one!

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    Mean Girls and Caesar is my fav!

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      That was definitely the trickiest one! She talks SO fast. And I was doing that Dub in front of a restaurant with plenty of onlookers. I’m sure they were trying to figure out why I was squatting with that statue for so long and screaming repeatedly about stabbing Caesar.

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    […] is my absolute favorite time. Get excited, y’all. After the crowds went wild for our Dubsmash Roundup of Rome, we knew we had to continue these posts. (Plus, any excuse to make more Dubsmashes, […]

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