The Best Café in Barcelona and #LQQCQ: Alsur Café

When you’ve just arrived to a new city and realize that you’re starving (or in my case, #hangry), finding a restaurant with reasonable prices and decent food can be a daunting task.

We turned to Yelp, hoping that something near our hostel would fit the bill, and found Alsur Café.

Alsur Cafe | Barcelona | The Travel Medley

People on Yelp were absolutely raving about this place, and to be honest, it was making me a little suspicious. I mean, Jen S said that she went there for breakfast and then went back THE SAME DAY for dinner because that’s how good it was.

I was like, ummm really Jen S?? You’re in freaking Barcelona, an amazing city with a kajillion amazing restaurants and you went to the SAME PLACE for breakfast and dinner?? I would never go to the same restaurant twice in one week while traveling! Much less in ONE DAY. You are seriously a disgrace to travelers everywhere.

Or… maybe you’re secretly a member of the Alsur Café marketing team, trying to convince me this place is so0o0o0 awesome. Nice try, I’m not gonna fall for your tricks, Jen S!!

And I really thought I might be on to something super shady, but then all of the other Yelp reviews agreed with her. And as I’m scrolling down the page, I started seeing photos that people had posted of their food. And then… I started drooling.

I took a half second to note that Yelp had it categorized as a single Euro sign, denoting a price range of under €10. And then we were somehow standing inside of Alsur Café before I even really knew what had happened.

Alsur Cafe | Barcelona | The Travel Medley

Omg stop. It was super cute. The first thing that I loved was their hashtag.

Lo Que Quieras, Cuando Quieras #LQQCQ. Which basically translates to “What you want, when you want it.” Ummm is it okay that what I desperately want is to live in this café forever? #NewRoomie #MovingDay #ThisIsWhatIWant

Alsur Cafe | Barcelona | The Travel Medley

We were directed to sit at a cozy little table on a raised platform made of mismatched (but color coordinated) tiles, right next to the window.

Comfy throw pillows, natural lighting, and a fun window seat for people watching? Yes, please. Plus an adorable bonus baby sitting at the table next to us. #BonusBaby

Alsur Cafe | Barcelona | The Travel Medley

We had been inside for like 5 seconds, and I already felt like this place JUST GOT ME.

But then I saw this sign, and suddenly… I connected with Alsur Café on a deeper, more spiritual level.

Alsur Cafe | Barcelona | The Travel Medley

And let me tell you, they took their relationship with food very seriously. It was to die for. They have a brunch/lunch/dinner menu, with anything on the menu available at any time (#LQQCQ). They also have fresh squeezed juice, cocktails, coffees, and pastries/dessert.

Michael got Oreo waffles with strawberries and I got a grilled cheese waffle sandwich with avocado and bacon. #YesThatsARealThing #Omgggg #Heaven #😍

Alsur Cafe | Barcelona | The Travel Medley

We also got a macchiato each. Here’s a picture of them before we starting sipping.

Alsur Cafe | Barcelona | The Travel Medley

Just in case all of the things I’ve already told you haven’t convinced you this is the best café in Barcelona and maybe even the world (hi, did you read the part about the #GrilledCheeseWaffleSandwich??), they also have an adorable upstairs seating area. #LoungeParty #ThoseTilesTho

Alsur Cafe | Barcelona | The Travel Medley

And a sidewalk patio lounge, which is lit up at night. #KillingIt #SoCute #Stop

Alsur Cafe | Barcelona | The Travel Medley

And they are open all day without a break, which is somewhat uncommon for Barcelona (and Spain in general), where places usually close mid-day for a siesta. They are pretty serious about #LQQCQ, which I totally appreciate.

Sooooooo I have a confession. Even though it’s against against my personal travel rules, we definitely ate here twice during our week in Barcelona.

But if eating here twice is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!!! The second time was just as good, if not better. #DigraceToTravelers #BestFareDontCare #AlsurForLife

Alsur Cafe | Barcelona | The Travel Medley

Okay. So now I don’t know how to convince you that I’m not secretly a part of the Alsur Café marketing team, but let me just tell you, this is THE PLACE TO BE. My girl, Jen S, knows what’s up.

Don’t miss it if you’re in Barcelona! #JenSKnowsBest #LQQCQ #NoButReallyIWannaLiveHere

Alsur Cafe | Barcelona | The Travel Medley




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