Apparently We’re REALLY Doing This

Aaaand we’re off!

Starting 9 months of backpacking around Europe | The Travel Medley

After almost a year of planning, Michael and I officially quit our jobs, kissed and hugged our families, friends, and any ounce of normalcy goodbye, and have become homeless nomad gypsies.

We plan to spend the rest of 2016 backpacking around Europe (and hopefully providing somewhat frequent updates to our viewers back home – heyyy y’all, thanks for reading!)

For the record, the backpacking part of that statement is no joke. We literally have one 30L backpack each. Which means that we had to stuff nine months of clothes, shoes, toiletries, and other miscellaneous belongings into something about the size of your typical Jansport.

After people get over the shock that we are only taking one small backpack each, (and I assure them “yes, really” at least a couple of times), they usually want to know what we’re taking. 

What to pack for 9 months of backpacking around Europe | The Travel Medley

More detailed post to come later, but the short answer is: some clothes, a few pairs of shoes, a bathing suit, toiletries, a towel, a laptop. And a philosophy that less is really more.

We left from Houston Intercontinental Airport on March 15th. Obviously, because I’m me, I had to make a Dubsmash for the occasion. (You can expect many more of these in the future.)

Though they aren’t visible in the video, I had quite an audience for this, which included just about everyone boarding our flight. A lady asked me if this was my “happy dance.” Yes ma’am, it is!!

So we are officially here in Barcelona, our first destination. I already have about a million things I want to blog about, but you’ll have to give me a couple of days to get it all written out. If you want extra little snippets of information, you can keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well. 

For now, adiós! 👋

9 months of backpacking around Europe | The Travel Medley

*A quick note to the stranger that took these pictures of us at the airport. Thank you for your patience, your ability to take slightly overbearing creative direction, and for not stealing my brand new camera.



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