Boating and Feasting: Viking Style

Previously, we took a lot of flights, buses, and trains to get from city to city. This time? We decided on a boat, Viking style. Complete with seafaring, adventuring, and feasting.

So far, this is one of our top experiences (and definitely our top meal) of the trip.

Overnight Boat and Smorgasbord | Helsinki to Stockholm | The Travel Medley

To clarify, the Viking part of our trip did not involve raiding or plundering villages. That was just the name of the company that we used to get from Helsinki to Stockholm. (I’m preettttyyy sure that Vikings didn’t sail on cruise ships.) Continue reading

Mini Dubsmash Roundup: Helsinki

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Okay, this is a mini roundup, because I only have 5 Dubsmashes for Helsinki. BUT I figured y’all crazy people would want to see them anyway, and who am I to refuse you silly videos of me embarrassing myself in public??

We had an awesome time in Helsinki.

The airport code is “HEL” and they fully take advantage of that on all marketing materials. (The first thing we saw when we arrived at the airport was a giant “HEL YEAH!” billboard. I love their marketing team.) Continue reading