We Are Only Kind Of Amsterdam

Let’s start back here, where it’s still kind of peaceful and nice.

Can you see it?

I amsterdam | Amsterdam | The Travel Medley

No, not the cute family hanging out at the park. (I hope you can see them. They’re right there after all.) And not the Rijksmuseum either. (The gigantic building is pretty obvious, even from here.) What we’re really focused on is the little blobs of red and white below the museum. Continue reading

Face Swapping at the Rijksmuseum

Amsterdam has SO MANY cool museums. The Rijksmuseum was a highlight for us.

The space itself is absolutely gorgeous.

Rijksmuseum | The Netherlands | The Travel Medley

And it’s the biggest art museum in the country, with masterpieces by famous Dutch artists like Rembrandt and Vermeer.

Rijksmuseum | The Netherlands | The Travel Medley

The Night Watch by Rembrandt is the most well-known painting in the museum, but there are over 8,000 pieces on display, spanning the years 1200-2000.

PLUS, during our visit, we also invented a new pop-up art genre. Continue reading